There are key factors that make your roof system fail prematurely. Proper ventilation and exhaust systems are one of the biggest causes of it. When it comes to roofing. We have extensive knowledge and experience on all types of slope roofing products and we ensure that all roofs will have adequate intake/exhaust ventilation. 

 We always use the best underlayment and roofing products, along with quality installation to offer a 10 year workmanship warranty. We use the latest safety credentials and equipment for a zero incident workplace.


 Decks are one of the most valuable pieces of a backyard. We ensure that we can offer the best deck system for your budget and needs. Every decking system have different outcomes so it is important to choose the right one for your family to enjoy. We ensure a quality foundation to ensure a safe and solid deck. 

 All of our projects are built on approved city permits along with proper building codes.


 Every exterior building we build are all fully customizable. We build everything on approved city permits along with proper building codes. We use a concrete apron and floor for larger structures to offer a long lasting foundation. We also match the house colour with roof and siding along with the best quality doors and windows to have a nice curb appeal along with the most practicality.